Evolving Friendships

I’m at that point in my life where I have been blessed with some pretty incredible people in my life; many of whom I am either no longer in contact with or who I simply don’t see as often as I would like. I don’t know if it is a product of busy lives in a society where social media has become a substitute for personal interaction or if our lives have just gone in different directions. Perhaps it is just me and the older I get the less inclined I feel like going out. So it is that I find myself in between a place of needing my friends and good conversation and wanting to binge-watch some random show. Continue reading “Evolving Friendships”

Weekend Hiking: New Experiences

great falls hikeThis was my first weekend of hiking— or more appropriately—walking in the outdoors. I’m not sure if what I did really qualifies as a hike, but I was on a Great Falls, VA path; outside, climbing on rocks, and enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. Continue reading “Weekend Hiking: New Experiences”