About The Lighter Walk

The Lighter Walk is a concept that together we can lighten the load we carry. The first step is to look outside ourselves and to discover God in our midst. As we walk, we can seek to see his love of mankind and the world in which we live. We can find peace in walking together.

The Lighter Walk is written by Maggie Marcum. Maggie holds degrees in leadership and is trained in the psychology of coaching. She is a trained spiritual director. She has lived a life riddled with painful experiences and has found healing through her relationship with Jesus Christ and his followers. She has walked through the dark places of her past with the assistance of a skillful psychiatrist and a period of time at The Meadows in Arizona. Maggie has learned that healing is possible and shares those dark moments and the triumph of moving into the light.

The Lighter Walk is simple. One foot in front of the other. Walk where you can and when you can. Be open to hearing the Lord speak to you as you walk. Breathe in the Holy Spirit and discover the beauty of the world in which you live. Escape from the doldrums of everyday life and find peace and comfort among the trees and flowers.