When it’s Too Cold to Move, Let Alone Walk

We’ve been hit with another cold spell.

Actually it is freezing!!!

I’m not a cold-weather person. I like my flip flops and the only time I want to wear boots is when I don’t have to.

Then there is the dog. He has this need that overrides my desire to stay tucked in under the covers with a hot coffee. So we bundle up–yes he has his own coat–and off we go into the elements.

And I’m always thankful for the time. We walk rather briskly. The wind whips around, blowing my hair and nipping at my cheeks. It’s kind of invigorating and refreshing. It’s one of those times where I just walk without thinking too deeply.

Today’s walk was a bit different. We live in an apartment complex and one of the buildings caught fire. Families were forced out in the bitter cold air in their slippers and whatever they happened to be wearing. Fire trucks surrounded the neighborhood as the fire personnel sprung into action to help families and extinguish the flames.

Olie and I walked for a bit to see what was going on–its hereditary. I always think of my mom driving behind the fire trucks to see where they were heading. I think on one level she wanted to be there in case someone needed help.

The day is ending. The ground is covered with a light film of white. The streets and walkways are icing over again. And I am back under the blankets…until Olie needs to go again.

It has been a lovely day all in all.

One thought on “When it’s Too Cold to Move, Let Alone Walk

  1. Thanks for this post – walking is challenging at both ends of the temperature scale, and yet we each find our way. For me, facing 38C/100F and more over the next few days the only time to walk is at Dawn. In the heat, the main thoughts are to stay hydrated and keep to the shaded places. And there is always a reason, whether it is clear to us or not. In your case, the instinct to offer help in a time of local emergency, or just to appreciate the blessing that is the morning light and the creatures with which we share this wonderful world – dogs or kangaroos or dragons – each day brings something new and some new purpose toward which to direct our intentions and thoughts.


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