Mall Walking; Escape from the Rain

As the cold rain fell, I was left wondering what to do about my commitment to walking everyday. I had just walked my first two-plus miles and I didn’t want to lose my flow. So I figured, walking is walking and it doesn’t matter where I walk.

So I became a “mall walker” and it was a great experience!

My app for walking worked inside the mall so I still received all my walking alerts. I thought I could at least get a mile out of circling through my neighborhood shopping center. Imagine my joy at completing two miles in 40 minutes.

img_2626Mall walking can be as good for the mind and soul as is outdoor walking, if you are open to the experience. The floors may be a bit more slick than the sidewalks or pathways of trails. There are slopes and stairs to walk up and down. I also found that I could increase my pace because of the level floor. When not shopping, the mall is a whole new experience.

It is the perfect place for people watching. Our mall is about as diverse as it gets. It was a teacher work day so there were children with nanny’s, children with parents, and teenagers trying to find something to do. Young/old, male/female, and people of every culture, nationality, and background. There were multiple languages being spoken, And so many clothing styles. A real cornucopia of America!

The windows are starting to look a bit like Christmas–not a New York Christmas–but holiday decorations none-the-less. Walking around I discovered some great ideas for home decorating. It is a way to bring some of the outdoor beauty indoors. Maybe to decorate with pine cones or leaves that I pick up on my walk. I began to think of ways to bring the colors that catch my eye while I walk into my home for that same sense of calm.

Of course there is the fashion. I’m not a big fashionista, but I do enjoy the creativity that one expresses through clothing. There is the match of colors and the change that occurs as the new season of winter approaches. The world of clothing will become darker the closer we get to cold weather. Just as the leaves will soon stop falling and we will be left with the bare dark branches of the trees around us. I found myself thinking I need to remember to add a splash of color to my wardrobe so that I lift my spirit and maybe bring a smile to others.

So mall walking can be a good thing on a rainy day and will be so when it starts snowing. It isn’t what I would want to do everyday, but I discovered if I am willing to open my mind to the world around me, I can see things in a more positive way. I can find beauty anywhere I am willing to look for it.

If you are looking for an indoor place to walk, most malls have walking clubs and may even have signs posted telling you how far you have walked. Try a different mall each time so that the experience is new. And then start over. Enjoy it and don’t let it become mundane. 

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