First Walk


I walked my first two-plus miles today.

I didn’t mean to walk that far.

I think I may never move again!!!!

I have gradually been walking a little closer to a mile every day for the past week as I begin my conditioning for a long walk. I thought I would try a new walking app and go a different route today. You know how that goes. Once you get going there is no going back.

I realized after about 20 minutes that there was no easy cut through for me to take to get home. My app kept motivating me with reminders of how far I had walked and for how long. After the first mile, I knew it was going to be a much longer journey. So I took a breathe and plodded along.

And as I walked I looked around. It is a beautiful autumn evening. Leaves are falling. Branches have fallen after rainstorms this weekend. The air is crisp and as I walked I could hear the crunch of leaves under my feet. And I found a stream that I had no idea existed.


I would have missed all that if I had failed to turn the corner and take those extra steps. I wonder how frequently we miss something new in our midst because we aren’t looking for it or we have our head buried in our phone or we are just sitting home experiencing life through our televisions.  I don’t want to miss the world around me any more.

At one point I wondered if I had the stamina to finish my walk–as if I had an option!! I looked up and saw dark clouds and the evening sky moving in. I prayed – “Lord help me get home. Help me move forward.” It was as if I could feel a hand on my back moving me and I believed I could make it. It was a good reminder to me that I never walk alone and all I need to do is call out and I will be strengthened in my daily walk.

As I began the walk down the hill toward my home, a light rain began to fall. The wind swept up and more leaves fell around me. I felt accomplished as I completed something I hadn’t planned to complete.  I felt empowered, knowing that this walk of mine is just what I need to be doing.

Lord, help me to see the world around me be. Help me to see your beauty, even when I am not looking. Continue to push me in a direction with purpose. Refresh and reshape me.



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