Neighborhood Walking

So I start my walking journey, encouraged  by two friends to get outdoors, examine my environment, and set a long-term goal for myself. Each day is new and each day I push myself a little more.

I have two goals- get healthier and lose at least 50 pounds in the process. And to walk, at least a day hike, in the Appalachian Trail. I want to see the true natural beauty of the world God created and to revel in its glory. To see God’s creation and to realize more of my purpose in the process. 

​The most simple way to start this conditioning journey is at home. Olie the Beagle and I are walking every day. Sometimes we go twice a day. I started with just a short doggy walk and each day I add a little more time. Now we are waking 30 minutes a day.

As I walk the neighborhood streets I see the changing of the leaves. The branches fallen on our path. And the changes brought my man as we pave the roads and build our houses. And even as we build, we keep nature close.

There are trees everywhere. Some growing dark as autumn calls a season of growth into a season of rest. We all need those seasons. It is in those times when we remove ourselves from the daily rituals and patterns of life that God speaks to our soul and breathes new life into us.

Now I can’t wait to get out for my walk. There is so much to see; so much to experience.

One foot in front of the other gets us to our destination.

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